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  Selected Discography      
  Title Cast Year Label
STILLLIFES solo 2008 Direktverkauf
flip solo 2007 celestial harmonies
space with Michael Askill 2006 celestial harmonies
Valser Geschichten text, bellmusic 2005 direct sale
Therme Vals sounding stones sounding stones 2001 direct sale
quartet noir with Leimgruber, Crispell, Léandre 1999 Victo CD 067
on time and space solo 1999 direct sale
leimgruberlivehauser with Urs Leimgruber 1998 direct sale
Fantasia zolliologica animal voices 1998 direct sale
No Try No Fail with Urs Leimgruber & Joëlle Léandre 1998 hatOLOGY 509
Steinschlag sounding stones 1997 direct sale
behind the night project 1996 B&W 049
Lines with Urs Leimgruber & Adelhard Roidinger 1994 HatART 6194
Duho with Urs Leimgruber 1994 Unit 4062
L'Enigmatique with Urs Leimgruber 1992 HatART 6091
Pensieri bianchi solo 1990 HatART 6067
The Mirror with Stephan Grieder, curchorgan 1990 HatART 6037
Die Trommel & Die Welle Radiowork /Ensemble 1988 HatART 6017
Zwei Duos 1986 HatART 6010

Solodrumming solo 1985 Hat(now)ART 129

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