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gong   solo for small gong 2008
bricco lu   for percussion orchestra 2007
stilllifes   suite for percussion after paintings by Peter Mieg 2006
5 Fades   solo for percussion 2005
As we are speaking

quartet for percussion 2004
Zeichnung duo for percussion 2002
Trommel mit Mann   solo, with Barbara Frey, director 2001
ore piccole   for 11 percussionists 1998
nothing will ever change for 10 percussionists 1998
zytraffer zwei   for 6 snare drums and 2 percussionists 1997
Le souvenir quartet for percussion 1996
double exposition quartet for percussion 1996
maeander   soundinstallation for Frozen Embryo,  
    photography by Hans Danuser 1996
Die Klippe solo for marimba and 3 cymbals 1995
zytraffer for 6 Basel drums and solo percussion 1992
Deep Time   tape composition 1991
zwischen Stock und Stein   sounding stones 1992
Steinschlag   sounding stones 1990
Der Fluss   Live-soundinstallation 1987
Zeit, Raum, Klang   for 40 percussionists 1986
Die Welle for 10 percussionists 1986
Solodrumming   4 soloprojects 1983, 1987, 1990, 1999
(first performances)
Jeux   Robert Suter, for soloist and orchestra 2001
Luz futura   Maria de Alvear 1996
Wenn Flügel Seele streifen   Mani Planzer 1996
Distant drums   Alvin Lucier 1994
11 pieces for drumset   various composers 1991
handundfuss   with Anna Huber 2006
trois de pas   Choreography Anna Huber 2005
wolkenstück   with Susanne Huber, Choreography Anna Huber 2004
umwege   with Anna Huber - different locations 2002 –
beizeiten   with Anna Huber, Therme Vals 2002
Nuances   with Noëmi Lapzeson 2002
Paradise   Music for solo of Kendra Walsh 2002
Rendez-vous à l'improvise   with Nina Corti 1997
Hidden Pieces   composition & concept. ch tanztheater 1993
La marche bizarre   music & direction. ch tanztheater 1989
Music for films      
Zeichen im Dunkel   Michael Hegglin 1996
Hans Danuser      
über den Tag hinaus   Robi Müller 1994
Der Tross   Peter Aschwanden 1993
Der grüne Berg   Fredi Murer 1990
Rondout   Steven Kolpan 1990
il fera jour   a project by Gualtiero Dazzi 2007
different beat   a Retroperspective 2007
Schallmachine small   with miniature percussion objects by


    Rosemary Joy  
Schallmaschine   for percussion orchestra 2002/2007
Klangstein 5   sounding stones 2001
Drumlines   with Synergy Percussion 2001
Leimgruber / Hauser   steady collaboration since 1991
Stille Nächte   sounding stones 1998
KlangBilder   with Claudia His 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999
behind the night   IMF Luzern 1994
perspectives percussives   Festival de la Bâtie Geneva 1992
Waldspazierklänge netto     1991
Das Schlagzeugspektakel     1986, 1987
A manca di Orione   Livemusic. Casa degli Alfieri 1998
Auftritt mit Maske   Direction Barbara Frey. Masks Werner Strub 1995
selbander   music & direction. smomos theater 1988
Bildersturm   Livemusic. smomos theater 1986
Triobox   with Boa Baumann 2009
Wandlungen   soundinstallation.
Museum for architecture Basel
Polyblox 1-4   with Boa Baumann 2003
Casa delle Masche   with Boa Baumann 2002
Fundus   permanent soundinstallation.
Castel Burio Italy

permanent soundinstallation.
Thermal spa Vals

Boabaumann   collaboration for various projects since 1990
Aufs Schlimmste zu   Radio DRS2 2006
Vom Aufzeichnen ...   Radio DRS2 with Stephan Heilmann 2003
Am Rande des Horizonts   Radio DRS2 2000
Fantasia zolliologica   Radio DRS2 1998
Fremde Züge   Radio DRS2 1995
Undine geht   Radio DRS2 1993
Hidden Pieces   Radio DRS2 1993
Steinschlag   Radio DRS2 1989
Die Trommel   Radio DRS2 1987
Die Treppe   Radio DRS2 1986
Radioplay of the year   for Fantasia zolliologica 1998
Kulturpreis Basel-Landschaft   music 1996
Schweizer Hörspielpreis   for Steinschlag 1989
Basler Hörspielpreis   for Steinschlag 1989
Basler Bahnhofakademie     1989
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